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Dust your books off for International Children’s Book Day

It’s soon to be Saturday 2nd April, International Children Book Day, inspiring children to pick up a book and get reading! April 2nd was chosen to celebrate the birthday of famous children’s book author, Hans Christian Andersen who has written popular books like ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘The Ugly Duckling’.

Many reports over the last few years have commented on the decreasing English literacy skills of the young adults in Britain. Participating in international Children’s book day can encourage children to take more of an interest in reading therefore giving them a head start in their future literacy studies. It’s important to get children interested in reading from an early age to encourage their literary ability.  

Reports show that England has some of the least literate young adults in the developed world. A major study from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co Operation and Development) shows that there are 8.5 million adults in England and Northern Ireland with numeracy levels of a 10 year old. To improve this statistic, schemes such as the International Children’s book day are in place to bond children with reading from an early age to improve the literacy skills for next generation.  

There are many benefits to children reading more; a child’s reading skills are important to their success in school and work and reading can be fun and interesting but capture the child’s imagination too. Many parents read to their children when they are young, this is a great way to introduce them to reading by making it a bonding experience. The intimacy of reading to your child can be such a pleasurable experience to them that they will have a positive attitude to reading as they grow up. Why not dust off one of your old favourite books? I’m sure your child will enjoy it just as much as you did!  

3 big reasons to read to your kids

  • Stronger bond between you and your child – As a child grows older, they’ll be on the move running and playing constantly. Reading will become a nurturing activity to bring you and your children closer together.  
  • Improving communication skills – When reading to your children, they’ll gain more knowledge on how to communicate and express themselves in a positive manner. Your child witnesses dialogue within the books, gaining more valuable communication skills.
  • Academic skills – Studies show that children exposed to reading earlier are more likely to do well in school when they are older, as opposed to children who aren’t.  

Are children reading as much as they used to?

Recent studies suggest that children are reading the same amounts and at the same capability as they were before, but the number of children reading for enjoyment is on a decline. Children reading for enjoyment purposes tend to take in more and therefore gain literacy knowledge. This is one of the many reasons why schemes such as International Children’s Book Day play important role in promoting reading for children and young adults.

International Children’s Book Day Saturday 2nd April 2016 – Dust off one of your old favourites and inspire your children to get into reading!