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DofE Update

DofE Update


Well done to everyone who is working hard on completing their Duke of Edinburgh award this year with us. So far we have had a day planning our award and what we would like to do for it. We have been working on our volunteering sections so far, helping out people in the community and have had people helping cut lawns of elderly neighbours, volunteering at the local swimming team helping teach people and a whole load of other stuff.

We then met up again a couple of months ago in Portsmouth to go through our skill sections, but this wasn’t until after us going to laser tag (where I lost…badly) and then heading to Las Iguanas for lunch, where we looked at the kind of things we could work on for this section. The skill section is all about learning something new and then practising it and people are learning a whole range of things! From photography to guitar, this section is showing how talented you all are, so keep an eye out in the next issue for an update on how everyone is getting on.

We are working towards and expedition in the summer holidays next year, where we will spend a few days away navigating our way through the new forest and working hard as a team.

Keep your eyes out for upcoming DofE events near you soon!


You can update your DofE award by visiting the DoE page on the left of the website

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