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Every person deserves the opportunity to lead healthy, happy lives. Every year, tens of thousands of children across the UK need foster carers while they can’t live with their biological families.

Therapeutically Led Fostering provides our young people with a tailored programme so they can grow to reach their emotional, social, and educational potential. We spoke with a Blue Sky care experienced young person to ask them about their TLC journey…

"Blue Sky isn’t just about fostering it’s about family"

Positive impact

My time with Blue Sky under the TLC program made me into the person I am today. It taught me patience, respect, and the value and worth of people that care about you and the positive impact that they can have on your life. I don’t think I would have got where I am today without the time, effort and support that Blue Sky Fostering gave me"

Never judged

If I was to give my advice to a new young person joining the TLC program I would say be yourself because Blue Sky never judged me, I would say take the leap of faith and open up to your TLC worker as they will never let you down and will always try their best to work with you and support you into getting what you need and want from life. Lastly, I’d say never doubt yourself because Blue Sky already know you can do it and when you believe you that too you can achieve.

Willing to listen

I have never felt so supported than when I was with Blue Sky, there was never anything I couldn’t speak to them about and never a problem they wouldn’t help with and certainly wasn’t a time they weren’t willing to listen. I never felt as special as I did with Blue Sky although they have hundreds of kids to think about and deal with you never feel unheard or left out with Blue Sky, they always make time for you.

It's about family

If I’m completely honest I don’t think there is anything Blue Sky can Improve on. They always listen, always support, always think about catering for everyone’s needs (both kids and carers) I genuinely cannot fault Blue Sky in anyway, even now I’m nearly 22 I have a family of my own, my own home, and my own shop and I still call Blue Sky for advice, and I still get support and advice now 5 years on. Blue Sky isn’t just about fostering it’s about family.

To find out more about fostering, speak to our friendly team at Blue Sky Fostering on 0800 389 0143.