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Child’s i Foundation – Jane’s travel blog – Part 3

The Child’s I Foundation (CIF) is an amazing charity and is proving that their work is valuable and needed in a culture where often people will put their children into orphanages as they feel that this is the best route for them. In an orphanage they will receive food and a basic education, but CIF is trying to get these children, and other abandoned children, into a safe and secure foster family.

Children are abandoned for all sorts of reasons and in all sorts of places – bus shelters, doorways and even ante natal clinic – they give up their babies as they do not see any other way due to their circumstances.

It was an absolute pleasure to support the Family Support Workers by passing on the training that we have been lucky enough to receive – we did always say that we can learn from them as much as they can learn from us – and at the end of the day we are all working for a common purpose – to get children into safe and secure foster homes and to support them whilst there.

Our training evolved when we were there; after meeting the Foster Carers we addressed issues that they had mentioned. For example, they struggle with the goodbyes when these children leave their home to full time adoption. One of the foster children has been recently diagnosed with Autism, so Kirsty pulled together some great training on that.

In the end, we delivered training on Autism, Fostering through to Adoption, and everything in between including “Positive Hellos and Goodbyes” to the Foster Carers. Two little boys came to training – aged 4 and 6 - and I had taken over a bag of goodies (glitter pens/colouring books/wobbly eyes and smiley faces) these were all a huge hit with the boys, and they were amused all day – they loved the glitter flowers that I drew all over them!

For the Family Support Workers, we were able to deliver the following training: Play Therapy – teaching the FSW’s how to make Playdough was part of this, and they loved every minute of it. They all made shapes and a prize for the best – although one of the FSW’s took mine and declared she had made it! Such a fun day! Attachment Self Harm Stress & Trauma in Young People.

Although a lot of our training is geared towards the older child, we did “tweak” the training to fit in with both their culture, and their needs – for instance we all know that small children can be traumatised and suffer from stress. We were also informed by the charity that as they grow they will be dealing with older children – so all training will be relevant now and for the future. We also set up a resources folder for them, which had all the training that we had done plus various other materials that we brought over with us.

All the FSW’s were engaged and so willing and enthusiastic to learn – the feedback from the Country Director, Chris, said that we have now standardised how they would like to deliver and receive training in the future. On our last day we had a feedback meeting with all the FSW’s and Social Workers – they are recognising that in the future they may well need further training on areas of mental health, and will be developing a plan for this. They then gave us a group photograph that they had all signed for us – quite emotional and there were a few tears! I’m pleased to say we are invited back!!


Sadly, there are children in need all over the world. If you would like to a UK child the kind of childhood they deserve, please, get in touch. Your care, support and understanding will make the world of difference and change generations.