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Carer Payments

Hello all,

As you will hopefully be aware, we have started using a new database called Charms and over the past few weeks, we have been in the process of setting up Charms Pay. 

Moving over to Charms Pay means that you will no longer receive your remittance slips via email and to access them you will need to log on to Charms. This will also make it easier to view previous remittance advice at a later date– I believe Nick Crabbe has emailed you all with log on information.  

We are confident that the transition to Charms Pay will go smoothly, however, as with any new process, we anticipate that there may be some slight teething issues. Please, may I ask that you check your next remittance advice to ensure that it is as expected, if you do notice any discrepancies then please contact us: [email protected]


Many thanks in advance,

Your Blue Sky Fostering Team