Become a Foster Carer

Carer Payments

Dear Carer

I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some general information regarding carer payments. I hope you find the information helpful and a good reference point should you have any questions that need clarifying quickly however, please do not hesitate to contact your Social Worker should you have any further questions or concerns.

Payment Dates
I submit the pay run every other Thursday. Any information regarding; new placements, placement endings and respite that is not given to me in time will not be included in that pay run, but will be included in the next run.

Attached is a list of Blue Sky’s payment dates which shows; the dates payments are submitted, the dates each pay run will cover (14 night period) and the dates payment is made to you. These dates will also be put on to the website for your reference.

As per the Foster Carer Handbook you are only able to claim expenses from the previous two months (excluding any mileage for Blue Sky Fostering Social events), anything else will not be authorised therefore it is really important you submit your expenses on a monthly basis.

It is essential that all receipts for your expenses are seen by your Social Worker either in paper form, as a photo, or scanned into the computer. These receipts must also be submitted with your expenses form.

Once you submit your expenses to your Social Worker they then are passed to the Team manager to be authorised. Once authorised, they are passed to me to be processed and included in the pay run however, please check the payment dates provided to ensure you are aware of the correct payment date.

Carers with a TLC young person in placement, your expenses are to be sent to Nicki Crisp for authorisation, then this will be processed by Ash.

If there are any problems with your expenses claim it will be given back to your Social Worker and discussed with you so that the relevant amendments can be made. If you are unsure about what you can claim for on your expenses, please refer to the Foster Carer Handbook.

As much as I try to avoid overpayments sometimes it is unavoidable. If an overpayment has been made I will inform your Supervising Social Worker and with their permission, I will email you the details of the overpayment and provide you with options to re-pay this. For example:

1.       If an overpayment has occurred and you’re are due a payment I will deduct this over payment straight from the next pay run.


2.       If you are not due a payment I can provide you with details to make a bank transfer.

Annual Statement
If you require an annual statement to be sent to you, please email [email protected]. Should you encounter any problems with obtaining your annual statement please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you would like any more information regarding your carer payment, please refer to the Foster Carer handbook or alternatively contact your Social Worker for assistance.

Many thanks

Kaylie & Ashleigh