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Blue Sky family take to the Alpine slopes

School holidays bring with them the chance for our fostering families to get together, have some fun and socialise. October half term was no exception! Our Southampton-based team took a group of local foster children, plus foster carers and their birth children to a local snow sports centre.

More than 40 children and young adults were able to take part in a skiing practice session. Despite the cold weather, the children were happily hitting the slopes, time and time again, using their newly learned skiing skills.


16 year old H, said: “It is my first Blue Sky event. It turned out a lot better than I thought. Learning to ski is quite hard but very enjoyable! I will now be looking forward to the skiing holiday I’m going on with my foster family.”

Whilst some children, carers and staff learned to ski, the others hit the slopes in ringos, otherwise called doughnuts.


16 year old Beth was one of those flying down ‘the snow’ on doughnuts. She commented: “Today’s experience has been so much fun. It allowed everyone to get out of their comfort zone. It was so brilliant to be going down the hill so fast!”.

“My doughnut spun around, and I went down backwards. I saw my foster carer going down the hill with a terrified look on her face. It was so funny!” added 12-year-old Kitty.  

As the time passed, children began to form small groups linking their doughnuts and sliding downhill laughing together. Joe was in one of the groups. His mum Marie was pleased to see he had so much fun. She explained: “We are awaiting our first placement. I brought Joe today to allay his fears, to reassure him that the looked after kids and young children are just like him, simply keen to have fun together“.


By the time the fun sessions were over, everyone was more than ready to enjoy their lunch together.

The tired but happy children’s faces told us that the Blue Sky family had another great day out!  


If you would like to join our Blue Sky family, get in touch with us.