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Birthday Card Competition

Hi all!

So we are going to be running a Birthday Card competition over the next few weeks! Its a chance for young people (birth children and LAC) to enter and create birthday cards, that will be used for all our staff and carers over the next year.

Attached is a copy of the entry form, if I could ask you to pass it on to your YP, however, each Hub will also have a selection of these printed, so you can give them a physical copy so they can cut out some of the extra bits, and can use the frames to get the right sizes so we can get the cards printed.

If I could ask you to either post these to me in ringwood, or get someone to scan them in and send them to me, before the entry date closure, which is 22nd July....oh they also get £5 just for entering, with the winners getting £15!!!

Any questions please give me a shout!!!

For further info click here