Become a Foster Carer

Because we’ve all been there, we know how it feels

Imagine this scenario (many of us will have experienced it!): you’re in a café with a child or teenager and they begin to get angry and upset. You try to calm them, try to reason with them, distract them, you try to lighten the situation but nothing works. They get even more angry and upset, you’ve used every trick you know and you’re frustrated, confused and left feeling helpless. You resort to abandoning your coffee and return home.

But what can you do to stop it happening again?

Here’s what you can do, you can book yourself on our free of charge half day course! Our highly qualified social workers will show you how our brains develop, how nurture in the first few years of our lives affect our future, our reaction to stress, how trauma, in whatever form it takes, affects children and how to give children and teenagers the attention they crave and need.

They will show you how to respond therapeutically, offer you advice and techniques to calm an anxious child based on the publications by Bryan Post (Great Behaviour Breakdown) and Amber Elliot (Why Can’t my Child Behave?).

This half day course is free of charge and aimed at helping people who are new to fostering, helping parents, those who work with traumatised children and anyone interested in becoming a foster carer.

Lunch is included along with the chance to chat on a one-to-one basis with our social workers. Also, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people with similar experiences.

So why not book your space today on our forthcoming courses in Worthing and Dorset.

You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain!