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Baby Alex

Four thousand miles away, in the challenging conditions that exist in Uganda, many new parents are forced to do desperate things, such as abandoning their latest baby or toddler because they simply cannot afford another mouth to feed. Their parents aren’t bad people; they simply don’t have another option.

This is where Childs i Foundation comes to their aid.

Birth family

These vulnerable babies and toddlers areare left abandoned in fields, in bins and even in sewers. The lucky ones are found and taken to Childs i in Kampala where the team works hard to find the birth family, reunite them with their offspring and provide financial, practical and emotional support to allow them to stay together.  If the family cannot be traced, foster families continue to provide support until a new ‘forever’ home can be found. 

Our Alex

Back here in England, the staff and fostering families at Blue Sky have been proud to support Childs i with raffles, sales and fund raising events. Each year, two members of our staff travel to Uganda to offer professional support and assistance. It is our chosen charity and its work has had a profound effect on us all.  Particularly for one, very special, member of staff; our Alex Copland. Alex was one of life’s natural gentlemen. Not long out of university and brimming with ideas, Alex joined Blue Sky’s marketing team.  His enthusiasm, creativity and balanced approach won him everyone’s respect and he was well loved by all his colleagues and our fostering families.   This time last year, on the brink of a wonderful career and with his wife, Bryony, at his side, everything appeared to be going in the right direction, until a devastating blow hit him and he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of liver cancer. Operations and treatment couldn’t halt its destructive path and in the autumn of 2015, at the age of just 25, Alex passed away.  It’s fair to say we were all devastated.


Now, Alex knew the major difference a legacy would make to Childs i, and being a generous, kind and thoughtful person, he remembered the charity in his Will. Because of our Alex, many little lives will be saved.  All are special, but one little boy carries an extra-special bonus; Alex's name.

Baby found in a bin

On Wednesday 13th July, the team at Childs i were called to their local police station to collect a tiny baby.  “Officers explained the baby had been found in a bin, near a school.” explain the team at Childs i.   “He was less than one day old and still had his umbilical cord attached”.  The team picked up the tiny baby, wrapped in cloth to keep him warm and took him back to the Childs i Family Centre where he was named ‘Alex’.

“Now the work begins to trace baby Alex’s family, but if that proves impossible, he will stay with his foster family and we’ll take it from there”.  


Childs i Foundation has saved over 200 infants since 2009. If you would like to keep up with their work, why not follow them on Facebook:  or Twitter:  @childsi