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Another world record attempt at Jaffa Cake eating comes to a sticky end!

Recently, children, foster carers and staff joined together at Lancing Parish Hall, to take part in the annual ‘Blue Sky’s Got Talent’ show.

Ed and Levi's fitness challenge!

The Plank

Those willing enough, strong enough and flexible enough tested their stamina at the fitness test (The Plank seemed the hardest to us!). We all sat back and enjoyed a brilliant dance routine by one of our young people, before the stage became awash with people (young and not so young), determined to win at the virtually impossible task of football ‘keepy-uppy’!

Smile for the camera!

Batteries were recharged with light refreshments during the very welcome, mid-programme, break. Our colleague, Jackie, very kindly supplied her ‘pop-up’ photo booth, complete with costumes and disguises for everyone to dress up and have their photo taken! Everyone loved it!

Chubby Bunnies

The second half of the programme saw a display of mixed martial arts, beautiful singing, and the ever eventful ‘chubby bunny’ contest and all too soon, it seemed the afternoon was over, but not quite!   The last treat of the day was a fantastic guest performance by a local dance gymnast whose strength and poise wowed all those present; she was truly incredible.

Jaffa Cakes

Oh, and before we forget, the Jaffa Cake eating contest…..well, the most Jaffa Cakes eaten by one person in one minute is seventeen and, surprisingly, that Guinness World Record remains untouched.  Those who took part at ‘Blue Sky’s Got Talent’ managed a commendable 4 each!

Here at Blue Sky, we encourage all children and young people, living in our fostering households, to join in, be bold and, most importantly, have fun!! If you would like to be one of our fantastic team of foster carers, please click here, complete the form and we’ll be in touch!


Pop up photo booth fun - staff

  pink wig! Levi singing