Become a Foster Carer

And this is why….

Jeanette JonesOur colleague, Kate, is out and about again, meeting and chatting with people she knows would make fantastic foster carers. This week, she's looking forward to meeting people in Portsmouth. Here's what it's all about:


With more years behind me than I care to remember, there are still those people who just astound me with their generosity and sheer pro-activity; Jeanette Jones (pictured on the right) is one of those people.

Back in the late summer, I attended a ‘family day’ at the amazing Bursledon Brickworks, near Southampton. It was a great day and there were lots of people there, interested in finding out more about fostering with us. Sat next to me, was Jeanette, selling her bio-friendly home and body care products.

We got chatting.

“How would you fancy” said Jeanette “supporting a little venture of mine”

“Tell me more” I said

“I’m fundraising. I’m fundraising £4,000 for a fantastic cause and so I’ve arranged to hold a Christmas Fayre at Portsmouth FC’s home at Fratton Park in November. There’ll be people offering Indian Head massage, tarot readers and other complementary therapies…plus clothing stalls, a Body Shop stall, jewellery, home-made cakes…you name it, they’ll be there. Fancy joining in?”

Well, it sounded good to me and just the sort of event where lots of people would come along to stock up with Christmas goodies whilst relaxing, having fun and chat with me!

“£4,000? That’s ambitious! What are you fundraising for?”

Jeanette went on to tell me about a networking breakfast she’d attended at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham. Someone told her about a fantastic machine called a ‘Da Vinci Surgical Robot’, a ground-breaking piece of kit, controlled by surgeons, allowing them to manoeuvre into previously difficult to reach parts of patients’ bodies with greater precision and safety than ever before. The robot allows surgeons to perform delicate procedures on people suffering with a wide range of cancers and other illnesses, avoiding more major, intrusive operations and enabling them to recover sooner.

Jeanette showed me a letter to say that Queen Alexandra Hospital is the European Training Centre for Robotic Surgery and the intention is to make Portsmouth the international centre for robotic keyhole surgery.

It's no small undertaking to organise an event like this and have such a fantastic cause, so what could I say, except a massive “yes, I'll be there”!

So, if you’re looking for some special treats, some truly individual gifts for Christmas, a chance to chat about fostering and make a real difference to people, pop along to Fratton Park, Frogmore Road, Portsmouth, PO4 8RA on Saturday 11th November, from 10am to 4pm.

See you there!!

Best wishes