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All Swings Bright & Beautiful in the Forest of Bere!

This week, our Swanwick team saw our donation to the Forest of Bere come to life, as they 'opened' the all ability swing donated by Blue Sky.


The Hampshire forest that spans 355-acres, has a mixture of woodland, open space and adventure play. Sitting in an open space play area among trees, wooden houses and climbing apparatus, the swing is perfectly positioned for children to enjoy!

We're thrilled to donate the swing to the area, which we hope will go towards improving the lives of all children and young people, enabling them to enjoy their childhood, regardless of ability.


Katie Sell, Area Manager for Blue Sky Swanwick said:


“We have recently been searching for an opportunity to give something back to the community and were delighted to be able to purchase an all ability swing at West Walk in the Forest of Bere. 


“The swing gives the opportunity for all children and young people, regardless of disability, a chance to enjoy the equipment too. We are all very proud to be able to do this for the local community as at Blue Sky Fostering, our ethos is on providing a family placement for all young people who need it, irrespective of disability.”  


Pam Eastwood, Recreation Ranger from the Forestry Commission came along to the opening:


“The Forestry Commission is pleased to welcome a diversity of children’s groups of many different ages and abilities.”  


“The installation of this all ability swing has been a great addition to the play area. The Forestry Commission is most grateful to Blue Sky Fostering for this generous contribution. It has made our play facilities more inclusive and gives access to a wider range of children to join in with the enjoyment of our park.” 


The swing was officially opened at the forest’s West Walk entrance on the Hundred Acres Road this week, where we hope that families and children from all abilities can enjoy the swing for many years to come!