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Alex Copland

Dear Colleagues

It is my sad duty to inform you that Alex Copland passed away on Monday night, after battling incurable cancer. Alex was valued member of our marketing team and we have lost a dear friend and colleague from the Blue Sky family. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bryony his wife and Alex's family at this difficult time.

Alex was brave and courageous in the knowledge that he had little time left. He had recently married the love of his life Bryony and they had just fulfilled their wish to see the Northern Lights before he died. I visited Alex and Bryony at home recently and, despite the challenges they were facing, they remained positive about making the absolute most of the time they had left together. Alex still wanted to know everything that was happening at Blue Sky!

Alex's sister Bev sent the following message yesterday:

"Thank you for your thoughts and for your lovely words about Alex. He was such a wonderful man and he loved his job. He was so passionate about it and the work Blue Sky does. From the photos I think he had a great time on honeymoon. He fulfilled his dream!"

Shortly after he started at Blue Sky, Alex informed us that he thought it was fate as when he was a small boy he had a teddy bear called Blue Sky. He still has the bear now and at his wedding his brother said that he was doing the best man speech as Blue Sky the bear was unavailable that day!

His brother also said that one of Alex's proudest moments was receiving his Business Colleague of the Year award. In his acceptance speech that evening when he said that he really enjoyed getting up in the morning to come to work - he meant it. He felt we had created an environment where he could grow and be the person he wanted to be and we gave him free reign to be creative which he valued. Alex also said recently that one of the reasons he wanted to work at Blue Sky was because he knew it was somewhere he could have an impact and leave a legacy.

Alex has indeed left a legacy, as a colleague, as a friend, and in giving a voice through his creative work for the young people he quietly encouraged to contribute and participate in the service we deliver. I am sure he will always occupy a special place in our hearts.

Kind Regards

Simon Lockyer


Blue Sky Fostering Ltd