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Posted September 22, 2017

We lost our colleague Alex to cancer in October 2015. Alex was a very creative member of the marketing team who did all our design and video work, and often used his skills to work with our young people.

As a tribute to Alex, we set up the annual Alex Copland award to honour his legacy. The award is based around creativity, and all Blue Sky foster children (and birth children) were encouraged to take part.

It isn’t only for those who enjoy traditional art, but also for young people who have been creative in problem solving or helping others.

The judging panel this year were Alex’s colleagues Katrina, Ed and Simon, alongside his wife Bryony and mum Liz.

We were all amazed by the creativity from our foster and birth children. Alex would have been very impressed by the array of talent. Submissions covered a huge range of creativity, including artwork, musical pieces, computer game design, hair braiding but also volunteering, and working with young people.

Jack, our chosen winner (pictured below with Alex’s family and Blue Sky staff) had a very creative year, having performed on stage in theatres across Hampshire and Berkshire. He has also proven to be a talented composer and has written a piece of music for their GCSE music exam called ‘Blue Sky’, which was rated very highly.

Alex Award winner Jack with Alex's wife and mother and Blue Sky's staff

We’re all extremely proud of our winner, and the other young people who took part. Everyone who entered received a £10 voucher with Jack receiving a £100 voucher.

We’d like to thank everyone for taking part in 2017 and look forward to seeing what our amazing young people will come up with next year.