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“A special kind of togetherness”

Sally and David have been looking after Jakey for a little while, but the time has come for him to move on. For a few months, he has been ‘older brother’ to Clayton. Clayton joined the family from a very disjointed background and craved stability and a role-model. Jakey stepped in and became his role-model, helping Clayton to feel safe and secure, showing him the family routines, taking him to football on a Sunday morning and cheering him on from the sidelines. He’s been a real-life inspiration for Clayton.

Sally tells their story......“Jakey is such a lovely young man, such a ‘cheeky chappy’ and we’re really going to miss his lovely smile and happy nature – he’s like a ray of sunshine in all our lives. We know he has to move on now, but we’re all really going to miss him, especially Clayton.”  

“In the short time they’ve been together, they’ve formed a very special bond. They’re so relaxed with each other, so at ease in each other’s company. Many a time we’ve wandered into the sitting room to see them sprawled on the sofa together, playing FIFA or just watching the television.”  

“Theirs is special type of ‘togetherness’. It’s the kind of togetherness that I couldn't even begin to truly understand but a subconscious understanding between two looked-after children that only they can really 'get'. It’s very special and humbling to witness.”  

“Jakey’s going to leave a big space in all our lives, not least in Clayton’s, but he has promised to visit us regularly and have a game of footie. We’ll look forward to that and in the meantime, we know his lovely, caring personality and genuine interest in helping others will stand him in good stead - he has a great future ahead and we’re honoured to be part of it.”  

You may not have a family or maybe your family has flown the nest, whatever your circumstances, you will be part of something really special when you become a foster carer with us.