Become a Foster Carer

A chance to chat with foster carers

Ask the experts!

Don’t get us wrong, we know lots and lots about fostering, about our children and about the fantastic difference foster carers make to the lives of children and young people. We can tell you all about it, but it’s our foster carers who actually do it, so we’re giving you the opportunity to chat with them, one to one, on your own. Ask them anything you like about fostering.

Anything about fostering.

Really, we mean it!  

When and where?

Well, this is the first of a series of ‘Introduction to Fostering’ sessions we’re holding. This one is at our office in Basingstoke, on Tuesday 27th February from 5pm to 7pm. After this one, we’ll be rolling out a programme to cover the whole of our region, from Kent to Cornwall and up to the M4 corridor.

What will happen?

Whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy some refreshments (we’re thinking tea and biscuits….and, most definitely, cake!), we’ll chat with you. We’re the social work team at Basingstoke and we cover a region including parts of Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire, although you don’t need to live in the area to chat with us; you’ll have a warm welcome, wherever you call ‘home’.

We’ll show you how we’ll provide training and support to enable you and the people around you, to enjoy a successful and rewarding career, really making the world of difference to children and young people. We promise not to take too long, we know who you really want to hear from, but we will answer any questions honestly and directly. You need straightforward answers and assurance, not hot air and waffle!

Which foster carers will we meet?

Local carers, Steve and Veronica will be there. Steve and his wife have been with us for quite a while and they’re really experienced carers. Steve is the main carer and his wife goes out to work. Veronica has been with us for a little while, so has recent experience of our recruitment process, our initial training and support. Together, they will give you a balanced picture of fostering with Blue Sky.

You don’t need to bring anything….

Just yourself and anyone you wish to bring with you! We welcome singles, couples, families with children young and grown-up, from all backgrounds and with all sorts of experiences; you’re all unique and we’d love to meet you all! You don’t need formal qualifications and there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ foster carer; because, well, no one is perfect!

So please, join us, just sign up here and we promise you’ll have a fun, informative and interesting couple of hours that could result in you achieving more success than you ever thought possible.

If you can't make it, but would like to know more, please get in touch 0800 035 6499 or enquire online.

Spare rooms and age

Just a little note to say, that in order to become a foster carer, you must have a spare bedroom in your present home for a foster child to call their own. Having said that, there is no upper age limit, so long as you’re 21 or older, we need to hear from you!