Our story

“When our two eldest children left home and bought their own flats, Ash and I thought we should move to a smaller house, but then we realised that our two spare bedrooms could be put to great use if we became foster carers!”

“It was a big decision for us and we spent a long time on the internet researching our options.  Would we go to the council or would we go to an agency? Then an advert for Blue Sky popped up on Leena’s Facebook page and we took that as a sign!”

“Here we are, 2 years later, caring for Vishnu who’s 15 and has learning disabilities and his sister, Charan who’s 13 and has Downs Syndrome. They came to us during Diwali, a very special family time for us, so they met everyone at once which gave them a chance to settle in without being the centre of attention. We often call them our little Diwali presents!”

“We’ve filled the void in their lives and they’ve filled the void in ours and we couldn’t be happier.”

As carers we have always been supported very well, nothing has proved to be to much trouble or difficult. We have been listened to well and treated throughout with respect and dignity, a lovely selection of 'switched on' staff.

Leena and Ash

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