Our fostering story

“To be honest, Jackie and I regret not becoming foster carers sooner.

“But we had no idea we could. In spite of us living in the liberal 21st century, sadly, stigma still remains for same sex couples and we just assumed our status would prevent us from becoming foster carers. How wrong were we?! Because of their limited child care experience, it was agreed their first foster placements should just be short term to allow them to gain confidence.

“It’s been a learning curve – more so for me than for Jackie as she still goes to work each day. We cared for a sibling group of three teenagers for a month. They followed the Jewish faith and I can honestly say it was the most enriching experience. I learned so much from them and although we were pleased their dad was well enough to take them home, we really missed them; they were a joy!

"We’re waiting for our next placement at the moment. Every time the phone rings I pray it’s the Blue Sky placements team. I know it won’t be long before we’re needed again. That’s one of the nicest things about fostering – you are genuinely needed!”

Jackie is an accountant and Sam, a former florist, is the main carer and Sunday lay preacher at their local Methodist church. They’ve lived together for six years and have a small dog, Scruff. Their large families live locally and they have lots of nieces and nephews who stay with them, regularly.

Jackie and Sam

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