Caring – the Blue Sky way

As an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ foster agency, we take great pride in recruiting and training high-quality foster carers, and matching them with young people to get the best out of each foster placement for both the children in our care and our foster families. Below, you will find information about the different foster services we offer.

Fostering Teenagers

Rewarding, interesting and thought provoking young people, teenagers in care may have experienced neglect, abuse or trauma and will have built a protective shell around themselves to prevent further hurt. As their foster carer, you have an unrivalled opportunity to help them build trust, explore their potential and have a positive influence over their future and the futures of their children, grandchildren and so on. Find out how you could change teenagers lives….

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Supporting Young Parents

Good parenting involves providing proper care, nourishment, love, support, fun and good boundaries. If you’d never experienced that, how could you be expected to provide it? That’s where our parent and child foster carers come into the picture. They have the skills and experience to be good parents and the ability, training and support to share those skills with vulnerable young parents. If you’ve ever wanted to help a young family to stay together and thrive, this is your golden opportunity!

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TLC Fostering

Our wonderful team of Therapeutically Led Care foster carers provide all the benefits of regular foster care and therapy for children who’ve suffered abuse and trauma and also to young people with behavioural issues. Our TLC foster carers have extensive training and support to help the most damaged children and young people. The work is demanding, but the rewards are endless. Could you be a TLC foster carer?

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Fostering Children

Children come to us from all backgrounds. Some will have assumed the role of the ‘adult’ in the home, caring for a parent or younger siblings. Some will have seen or been the victim of abuse. Some will have suffered neglect. All will need to be given the opportunity to reclaim their childhood and know the safety, dependability and consistency a foster carer offers. It may seem the easier option, but we know fostering children can be just as demanding as fostering teenagers. They may be smaller, but they can be every bit as puzzling; so we’ll be by your side, supporting you to help them regain the innocent pleasures of childhood.

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Fostering Siblings

There’s always a great deal of media interest when the subject arises of ‘siblings in care’; it’s a very sensitive subject. Keeping siblings together, where appropriate, is everyone’s goal, and looking after a ‘ready-made’ family is as rewarding as it is challenging. As with all children in need of foster care, siblings may have experienced neglect of abuse. Sometimes the eldest child will have ‘parented’ the younger ones, sometimes they may have delayed development or health issues. To reflect the additional demands on foster carers looking after sibling groups, we offer additional support.

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Transferring to Blue Sky

Sometimes we all need a change. Maybe you are looking for a new challenge or maybe you have become disillusioned with your current agency. Whatever your reason for visiting the Blue Sky Fostering website, be assured that as a Foster Carer you have the right to move to another agency.

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Find your local service

We specialise in providing a local level of support from our offices, events and support groups across the south of England. To find your local service enter your postcode below.

Your Journey

Choosing to become foster carers is a big decision for you and your family and we’re with you every step of the way.

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Our News and Blog

What’s happening at Blue Sky and in the wider world of fostering? Keep up to date with our insightful blogs from real life foster carers and current fostering related stories.

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