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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

This year more than ever we want to make sure our young people are able to celebrate what they have achieved and to feel proud of what they have done…

As we head towards Christmas and the Holidays, we wanted to use that opportunity to show them what they mean to us…

Every year, we ask you to buy a present from Blue Sky for any child in placement and your own sons and daughters living in the home, under 18 – up to the value of £15

So we thought how we could deliver not just the present, but also to bring happiness to everyones lives and so we would like you to tell us what you are most proud of your young person achieving this year and for those celebrating Christmas, that message will be recored and sent to you, by none other than Santa himself and for those celebrating other holidays and festivals or even New Year, either by a Blue Sky Colleague, or a handwritten note, all with the same sentiment –

You will be able to choose these options as you go through the form on the next page, so they are able to receive a message that is important to them.

Now – for this to be successful we need to have your submissions sent to us BEFORE Monday December the 7th – we will then record the messages / write the letters, and send them out to you to share with your Young Person when you decide

So click the link below to submit your message to us

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