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First Aid 2022/23

Welcome to your First Aid Training

This course is split into 2 parts

Part 1 – This Selection of Online Videos with a physical workbook to complete

Part 2 – A Face to Face Assessment

For this course you will need:

  • A Pen
  • Your First Aid Workbook

(if you do not have this yet please contact your local team before continuing)

How it will work

  • As you go through this course, you will be shown a series of video explanations, ranging from 1 min – 15 mins.
  • These videos relate to your workbook, which you can complete as you go through the various videos
  • When you attend your face to face assessment, you will need to bring your completed workbook with you
  • You will be assessed on both your workbook and your ability to deliver CPR – using the techniques covered in the videos

Course Videos

Course Introduction

What is First Aid
What are the 4 aims

Including the health and safety act

First Aid Kits
What should and should NOT be in there

Accident and Incident Reporting

Action in an emergency

Responsibilities of a First Aider

Primary Survey Overview

CPR Practical Adult

CPR Practical Child

CPR Practical Baby

Heart Rhythms and Overview

Defibrillation Kit

Practical Initial Procedure

Defibrillation Practical
Child and Baby

Respiratory System – Introduction

Chain of Survival

Disorders of Respiration

Circulatory System and Hypovolaemic Shock




Cuts and Grazes


Nose Bleeds

Types of Seizures


Foreign Objects