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Welcome to the DofE 2019 hub, to sign up to complete your award this year, please click the link below. More information on your award is at the bottom of this page

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Doing your DofE Award

This is your home for doing your award with us here at Blue Sky, here you will find key infomation on completing your award with us, aswell as uploading any work you have done and find useful things to download to help you complete your award

Getting started on your DofE award

To help you get started here’s a quick overview of what you’ll need to think about:

  • You decide: It is up to you to find an activity that you wish to do in your own personal time; maybe something you’re already doing or something you are interested in. Most of all pick something you’ll enjoy – it’ll make it easier to stick at it!
  • How much is the activity? It depends on what you are planning to do, some will be expensive, some will be cheap and some will be completely free – it is your choice on how much you want to spend on each activity – don’t forget though, we may be able to help fund some of the activities you take part in!
  • Where can I do an activity? Find out whether this activity can be done in your local area. If it can’t, then it might involve you looking further away or searching for another activity. Part of the challenge of doing your DofE is finding a local opportunity.
  • How long do I have to do it? On bronze, you need to do 2 of your sections for 3 months and one of them for 6 months and you do these for one hour per week, each.
    Insurance and safety for an activity: You may need to ask the provider of that activity what training and insurance cover is required or is in place.
  • Check the activity: Remember to check if what you are planning to do is permitted for the section. The DofE is very firm on what activities fall into which sections and they cannot be used for more than one section.
  • Changing your activity: Even though we don’t encourage this, if absolutely necessary, you may make one change of activity in each section at each level. You must restart the preparation, training, activity and assessment process and the time spent on both activities will add up to meet the overall time requirements for that section.

At the bottom of the page is a list of useful links, use these for ideas on completing your award and for logging the work you have done


Your award is split into 3 sections, these links will tell you more about what you need to do for each section




You can download a full list of ideas for these sections by clicking on the “Downloads” section on the left of the page


Links – Use this website to log in and upload any evidence you have on completing your award. You can request a new username by emailng [email protected] – Use this website to visit the edofe on your mobile