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BSF Learning - May 2021

Upcoming Courses in May 2021

Digital World –
with Ed Hill-Thompson

Daytime: 4th & 11th May – 10:00 – 12:00
Twilight: 4th & 13th May – 18:30 – 20:30

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Digital World is a mandatory training course for our main carers that needs to be renewed every 3 years, but what is the course and why renew it every 3 years?

Historically, “internet safety” was relatively easy to teach, you could show people how to add filterers to their home network, how to block certain websites and give an overview of different platforms that young people might be using. Now however we have moved on substantially and there is no “one size fits all” approach. This course will introduce you to the concept of being Digitally Literate and preparing young people for the digital world, so they can engage with it as safely as possible, when you are not there to keep an eye on them. We will look at how you can use technology together to promote positive use, and share with you valuable resources that you can take away and visit when you need them most. You will need to complete both parts (either both daytime or both twilight sessions) to complete the course. There will be a small amount of home learning in-between the 2 sessions for you to complete to advance your understanding.

The course is update regularly to match any trends but also to update the resources and the learning outcomes are:

  • Gain an understanding of Digital Literacy and Future Careers
  • Reflecting on “My Digital World”
  • Understanding “#Influencers”
  • Engaging with Online Gaming and understanding the potential for addiction
  • How you can help Build Digital Resilience
  • Finding out where you can look for help

Attachment –
with Nicola Molton

Daytime: 18th & 25th May – 10:00 – 12:00
Twilight: 19th & 26th May – 18:30 – 20:30

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Attachment Training is a mandatory training course for both our primary and secondary carers and needs to be renewed every 3 years, but what can you expect from this training course?

Attachment theory is both critical and central to every single day of being a Foster Carer and understanding why and what you can do, is one of the most fundamental parts of this journey. Renewing that knowledge and revising what you have covered previously is also really vital. That touching base and updating your knowledge will help you be the best Foster Carer you can be. This course with Nici Molton, will look at the physical and phycological effects of Attachment Theory, so that everyone has the same level of understanding and will then focus on what practical steps you can take as a Foster Carer, to provide the healing environment needed for that young person. the interactive course will use images and video top help bring this to life and you will be asked to share your ideas and thoughts along the way. You will need to complete both parts (either both daytime or both twilight sessions) to complete the course.