Our story

“Well, we’ve been parents since I was 24 and Gordon was 28. That’s over thirty five years. It’s a hard habit to break!”

As their youngest child got married and left home, Barbara and Gordon planned not one but two cruises.

“The first one was around the Caribbean and we loved it! We just pleased ourselves, visited the beautiful beaches and colourful ports. We enjoyed the shows, the nightlife and the whole experience. But something was missing. Gordon and I found ourselves drawn to chatting to families, talking about the children, in the main. One family, in particular, fascinated us. They told us they were foster carers and the youngsters with them were their foster children.” 

“At the end of the fortnight, as we boarded our plane to come home, Barbara turned to me and, quite out of the blue, said “Gordon, we should become foster carers”.  As always, she was right!”

“Our daughter-in-law is a social worker and said she’d heard good things about Blue Sky so we filled in the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website and off we went, we were on the road to fostering!  Now, when we’re out with our foster children, people chat with us about our ‘family’ and it's the nicest feeling.  We were too young to retire, we have so much more of life to live."

“We never did get to go on that second cruise – maybe we’ll do that when we retire!”

We have been supported in every and any way that we have needed since we started fostering. We are very happy to be with Blue Sky and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Barbara and Gordon

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