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Alex’s Award

Alex was part of Blue Sky’s team, based in Romsey and unfortunately he passed away, in his memory we created an award for our young people, to recognise their achievements.

This video made with Alex’s wife Bryony and myself explain more:

Many of you will have met him and almost all of you will have seen the newsletters, YouTube videos, posters and marketing material he produced.

Alex was a kind, compassionate and thoughtful man who, during his years in the marketing team at Blue Sky, used his considerable artistic skills and lovely personality to great effect.

Please share this with your young people and nominate them for the award by 20th August 2019.To enter you need to simply log on to outlining who you are nominating (under the age of 18), why you are nominating them and include evidence of their creativity.

Everyone who gets nominated will receive a £5 voucher and the winner will receive a £100 voucher.

The winner will be announced at the Blue Sky Fest on Sunday 22 September 2019. If you have any questions please email me on [email protected]

Our winners so far, have been Jack in 2017 with Richard picking up the award in 2018, this is what he had to say about it:

What I did and why?

“I entered extras to a game called X-Wing. I created ships and gave them special abilities which meant I could use it at home but perhaps try and win something. I am not usually the type of person to enter competitions but it was fun and worth it.”

What I did with my prize?

“I got £100 Amazon Voucher which I spent on more X-Wing ships and a street surf board with LED wheels.”

Why should you enter?

“You should enter because: It is fun, You learn to be more creative if you aren’t usually, You win something And finally you can use your creation for yourself (showing off a bit).”