Area Manager - Basingstoke

It is a role that has many different areas. For me it is about building relationships and engaging with people.
Carers- Children and Young People, Staff , Local authorities and many other people that are involved is the fostering role. This includes the birth chikldren and extended family members as well.
I like to lead by example and hope to be a good role model within the teams. I need to take a lead and make decisions but I also like to ‘muck in ‘ and be an all rounder where I can.
My role is to support the team, carers and young people to achieve best possible outcomes. This will include offering training, supervision, show an understanding of complex needs and the issues arising from this and to fully understand what fostering is and how we can make a difference to peoples lives.
I need to think about the budgets and how these are spent and manage performance of staff so that we offer an outstanding service .
My work is governed by the fostering regulations- guidance and minimum standards and I work with the team to make sure these are adhered to - this may involve reading reports, writing reports, attending or chairing meetings, running support groups, offering a second opinion on an issue and debating the pros and cons of decisions needing to be made and then making the decision and making sure agreed actions are carried out .
The agency will have Key Performance Indicators and we all work to achieve these.
I need to stay on top of research and new developments and interpret these to share within the team. I offer guidance and support and manage employees well being.
I see my role to lead an motivate others and I have a real passion for participation and consultation with all. Fostering can be rewarding and challenging . I strive to support all to achieve really good placements for the children and young people that we look after.
I have been involved in all areas of fosetering work and I can guide others with my knowledge and experience.
My family were foser carers and this brings another angle to the role I have as I understand from a fostering families point of view too.

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