Senior Social Worker

I Joined Bluesky as a supervising social worker and took on additional responsibilities when our previous team manager left in February 2016. My job title is senior supervising social work and I oversee the day to day work of other team members, training, support groups etc. and continue to have responsibility of supervising social worker for some carers.  

I enjoy everyday being different, getting to meet different people and go to different places. I also enjoy working to bring about change and helping others to be aware of other options they can try.  

I also enjoy the team spirit, working wth colleagues who are passionate about bringing about change for young people.

I have always worked with children and young people, firstly in a children’s home and then in a residential setting providing restipe for children with additional needs.   As a qualified social worker I have worked for a local authority in both a child care team and the specialised adoption team. Following this I worked for 10 years with a voluntary adoption agency, involved in all areas of adoption work.

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