Director of Operations

My role involves evaluating the Quality Assurance aspects of the agency, ensuring we remain regulatory compliant. Working within regulations to ensure young people make individual progress by the services they receive. I am the senior manager for the placements team and participation. I most enjoy seeing the progress young people make and the care and support they receive from their carers and Blue Sky staff.  

The best thing about working for Blue Sky is how approachable everyone is and the desire to help others.  

I worked in education and health settings before starting employment with a Local Authority, where I assessed parenting skills. I was seconded to complete my social work training and after graduating, I worked in child protection and adoption. I then worked for the NSPCC for a couple of years, undertaking therapeutic work with young people. Since joing Blue Sky, I have worked as a Regional Foster Care Co-ordinator, Regional Director and now as the Quality Assurance Director.

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