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Your Blue Sky

Founded in 2005 by active Social Worker, Simon Lockyer, Blue Sky Fostering has grown from a modest office in Hampshire, to becoming one of the south of England’s leading independent fostering agencies, rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

We give our Foster Carers the tools they need to help achieve the best possible outcomes for vulnerable young people in our care, providing localised support from Kent to Cornwall and up to the Cotswolds.

“We will never lose sight of what really matters. We’ll be ambitious for the children in our care and we will all go the extra mile to support our highly valued Foster Carers. We’re all in it, together.”

Simon Lockyer, CEO.

Ever since our beginnings in 2005, our vision has always been to provide Foster Carers with quality training, flexible and dedicated support, and that family feel you do not get anywhere else.

Why Choose Blue Sky?

You have the drive and commitment to change lives, we’ll provide the practical support to help you achieve that. Foster with us, and receive the following: