Job Description

Blue Sky + Therapeutically Led Care Service (TLC) provides therapeutic foster placements to children and young people across the South of England. The children are likely to have suffered previous placement breakdowns and needing an enhanced placement to help carers manage the child’s trauma and challenging behaviour.

TLC provides a strong cohesive team around the child, which includes a clinical psychologist, trauma and attachment therapists, social workers, the foster carer and support workers.

The carers are guided every step of the way to understand the behaviours of the child, and how to provide a therapeutic environment for them. The team supports the carers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Job Purpose

The role of the Support Worker is to support the young person’s progress in the TLC Programmes and foster placement through working with them in the community, in leisure activities or at school. Specifically, to provide one to one support to young people, and provide some necessary respite for the carers.

In summary the post is for a competent worker to engage in direct, focussed work with children - to build positive relationships with the child, to model acceptable behaviour and help the child to trust and feel safe with adults.

Support workers will also be required to support the social workers where required, providing visits to carers to offer support and supervising children at Blue Sky social events. Support Workers will liaise with the Blue Sky Participations Manager and assist in collating children’s feedback or their engagement in participation projects, such as the children’s newsletter.

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