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Clinical Practitioners sought for Attachment-based Therapeutic Work

Blue Sky Fostering is a high quality Independent Fostering Agency (IFA) rated by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’. We are forward thinking, creative and responsive to the needs of both the young people we care for, and the carers who take on this demanding yet rewarding task. The TLC (Therapeutically Led Care) service exists to meet the needs of developmentally traumatised and poorly attached children and young people, who may be very challenging to care for.  

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We are interested in talking to therapists who are drawn to this field of work and can offer work (mainly sessional) - in across Hampshire – particularly Ringwood and Swanwick, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent etc). Alongside robust clinical skills & appropriate therapy qualifications, do you have:

  • Openness and desire to learn and develop
  • Self awareness and good relational skills
  • Ability to work with a range of people and personalities and skillsets
  • Willingness to compromise and be solution orientated
  • Flexibility & pragmatism – an interest in ‘what works, for these people, at this time’
  • Resilience, enthusiasm and sense of humour

Clinical Practitioner Role

TLC Carers are reflecting on their practice and therapeutic responding in their daily fostering. They are supported to do this on a weekly basis by their Clinical Practitioner – both in groups and in individual work. This Reflective Practice (RP) work provides space and support for the carer/s to:

  • Express, explore and process their emotional responses to the young person Enhance their understanding of behaviours – identifying underlying feelings and needs  
  • Identify empathic and containing ways of responding
  • Enhance their ways of being with the young person that are most likely to provide opportunities to connect, manage, calm, and reflect  

Therapeutic Responding to the needs of challenging and complex young people… – aimed at facilitating the young person not just to survive, but to thrive. Key concepts include:

  • Connection before correction – prioritising the importance of the relationship between carer and child as a healthy relationship with a sensitive, caring robust adult is what heals
  • Positive parenting – consistent, calm, non-rejecting – aiming to avoid further shamingclear firm boundaries alongside empathy for the child’s feelings
  • Warm acceptance of and respect for the young person - what they are currently able to manage, and how they currently need to survive

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