Deputy Director of Operations

I've been with Blue Sky since the beginning. I manage and oversee the social work team, making sure we are compliant, reporting notifiable events to Ofsted, liaising with commissioning teams, ensuring I have a strategic overview of the service we offer and supervising staff. 

I most enjoy talking to staff, seeing carers and young people when they come into the office and, oh yes, seeing everyone at the events we organise! 

The best thing is seeing changes in many of the young people we have supported through the years. Without this support the young person may have gone in a different direction so it is something to be proud of.  

I started out in the health industry working in gyms, I changed direction and worked in children’s homes for several years. This inspired me to qualify as a social worker and, once qualified, I worked in a Local Authority child protection team, before working in the same authority's fostering service. I moved to a national fostering provider, before starting out at Blue Sky when the company first set up in 2005.

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